Angie Rega

Mariangelina, Mariangela, Angelina, Angela, Angie...
"For magic consists in this, the true naming of a thing." Ursula Le Guin, The Wizard of EarthseaDouble-click to start typing

I am a Sydney-based writer and graduate of Clarion South.

Growing up in a migrant household, I was raised on Sicilian folklore and stories and never ending a sentence in the same language. I still struggle with syntax.

I began my teaching career teaching French, Italian and English as a second language and now work as a teacher librarian where I get to share my love of stories and writing  with teenagers. 

I am a modern librarian of the mantra, 'silence is not golden' and this makes our school library popular with hesitant teen readers. Secretly, I long to work in a library where silence is golden, and use stamps and library checkout cards instead of barcodes and scanners.

In my evening hours and the hours of in-between I write fiction and in these in-between hours have also managed to complete a Masters of Creative Writing. I am a lover of fairy tales, folklore and furry creatures and that three dimensional object - the book. 

In more adventurous days I lived in Chile, South America, teaching English and belly-dancing.

Galaxy with Possums by Jamie Murrie